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AOM 2022 Late-Career Consortium – Open to All AOM Attendees

  • 1.  AOM 2022 Late-Career Consortium – Open to All AOM Attendees

    Posted 07-28-2022 12:35

    AOM 2022: Late-Career Consortium – Open to All AOM Attendees

    The Late Career Consortium, sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Division of AOM and open to all AOM attendees,  focuses on the career and life questions of late-career faculty (defined as PhD plus 15 years or more). The aim of the session is to help scholars in any discipline manage the new demands of this career stage and to take advantage of opportunities and career transitions that arise. The consortium will start with an opening presentation by an eminent career/life stage scholar and then distinguished panelists will offer insights about a wide variety of specific topics and address questions from attendees. The consortium is open to all AOM attendees and will run for 90 minutes.  It will include extensive Q&A and discussion among panelists and attendees.

    Live! Date and Time:  Friday, Aug 5 2:00PM-3:30PM – Hyatt Regency Foss 504.


    Roland Kidwell, Florida Atlantic University  

    Isabel Botero, University of Louisville


    Presentation/Discussion Topics:


    Career renewal and sustainability as an academic; How research can inform career choices and activities as faculty transition into new career stages.

    Leveraging your knowledge, networks and the net for late career opportunities: Moving from traditional research/teaching/service duties to external engagement, administration, consulting, new lines of research, etc.

    Late career strategies: An international perspective: Broadening the conversation of late career stage activities beyond North America.

    Becoming an angel investor: Many late-career academics have amassed 401K retirement portfolios well above the $1M minimum required to be an "accredited investor." Plus, the analytical and managerial skills possessed by many management scholars transfer very well to the angel investment industry. 

    Having "the talk" with mid-career faculty.  How to mentor/engage traditional teachers/researchers who are coming up to 15 years post PhD to spread their wings, take some risks, take advantage of opportunities in outreach, administration and elsewhere.


    Roland Kidwell