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Media Gallery

Audio Galleries

The University of Oklahoma Bass Library Gallery

The below links will open up in a lightbox window to the University of Oklahoma Bass Library site. To navigate back to the web site simply click the close button. The link is provided by Daniel Wren and the Bass Library

Bass Business Oral Histories

Gurus and History Gallery

Photos of Gurus and historical events in Management theory and history.

Gurus and History Gallery

Then and Now Series

Video recordings of the Then and Now sessions presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meetings.

Then and Now 2014: Positive Psychology with Fred Luthans
Then and Now 2015: Organizational Justice
Then and Now 2016: Organizational Trust
Then and Now 2017: Beyond Turnover

Community of Academy Senior Scholars (CASS) Memoirs

This is a new initiative from CASS. CASS Members are invited to share their memoirs, thoughts about their career, or anything of interest to their membership. They are posted here and in our newsletters until the Academy of Management has a permanent home for these wonderful essays.  

CASS Memoirs-November 2017: Edgar Schein and Edwin Locke

Video Galleries about Management Theory and History

Sky Lake Productions Video Gallery (Dr. John Joos) and Management History Productions

Alfred Bolton & Dan Wren: In Conversation
Art Bedeian & Richard Hodgetts: In Conversation
A Conversation with: Bernard Bass with Richard Hodgetts
Management History According to Dr. Charles D. Wrege: 50 Years of research
Management History Research - Dr. Charles D. Wrege
Dr. Charles D. Wrege & The Hawthorne Studies: AOM 2014
Daniel Wren & Richard Hodgetts: In Conversation
Guilty of Enthusiasm: Eric Trist Remembers
Fred Fiedler & Art Bedeian "It Was a Nice Ride While it Lasted"
Fred Luthans & Richard Hodgetts In Conversation
Henry Mintzberg & Richard Hodgetts: In Conversation
James Worthy & Ron Greenwood A Management Career in Review
John (Jack) B. Miner: Paddling Against The Tide
Lyman Porter & Al Bolton: In Conversation
Richard Hodgetts & Don Kuratko: In Conversation
Victor Vroom & Dan Wren: Psychology On My Sleeve
Warren Bennnis & Richard Hodgetts: In Conversation
The Career & Recollections of William B. Wolf