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You are invited to attend AOM PDW #14139 - Exploring Responsible Innovation with Philosophical Methods

  • 1.  You are invited to attend AOM PDW #14139 - Exploring Responsible Innovation with Philosophical Methods

    Posted 08-05-2020 09:40
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    Exploring Responsible Innovation Using Philosophical Methods

    Professional Development Workshop


    Organisers                                                                              Discussants

    Cristina Neesham (Newcastle U., UK)                   Miguel Alzola (Fordham U.)

    Andreas Georg Scherer (U. of Zurich)                    Christian Voegtlin (Audencia B School)

    Thomas Donaldson (U. of Pennsylvania)               Cedric Dawkins (Loyola U. of Chicago)



    Andreas Georg Scherer (U. of Zurich)

    Corporate Governance for Responsible Innovation:

    The contribution of deliberative theory and political philosophy


    Piotr Makowski (U. of Warsaw)

    Innovation Management without Managers?

    Automation and management in light of conceptual engineering


    Marian Eabrasu (European B. School Paris)

    What if?

    Measuring social innovation through philosophical counterfactual analysis



    The purpose of this workshop is to explore how philosophical methods can broaden the sight of management research into the topic area of responsible innovation. Today, technological and societal innovations such as nanotechnology, genetic engineering, social media, artificial intelligence, or algorithms, have the potential to not only improve living conditions, but also to cause harm for people and planet. Therefore, broadening our vision about managing innovation challenges becomes a priority. In an ideal world, innovations do not create negative externalities such as environmental degradation, social inequality, or restriction of private liberties and political rights. Instead, innovations help people to better manage their private affairs and to collectively address and resolve public issues such as grand societal challenges.

    The workshop is designed to encourage participants to imagine potential, alternative futures for responsible innovations by inviting them to brainstorm ways in which specific philosophical methods (e.g. thought experiments, axiological analysis, critical theory, discourse ethics, and hermeneutic circles) can inform responsible innovation and help meet social and environmental challenges. The organizers invite colleagues to examine questions such as: How can philosophical methods enhance the capacities of the discipline of management to evaluate the requirements of responsible innovation and its impact on organizations and society? How can philosophical reflection illuminate innovation-based solutions to systemic organizational and social problems? How can empirical research broaden our perspectives about innovation in a way that is consistent with moral principles? How can philosophical methods inform the normative-ethical assessment of irresponsible innovation and its implications for organizations and society?

    Dr Cristina Neesham
    Reader, Director of Business Ethics and CSR
    Newcastle University Business School
    Newcastle University, United Kingdom