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Journal Editor Opportunity

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    Posted 10-22-2020 08:45
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    Applications are invited for one Co-Editor to join the Editorial Team for Business History

    The position is for a term of three years starting in January 2021, renewable by mutual consent for further terms at Routledge's discretion.

    About the Journal

    Business History is an international journal concerned with the long-run evolution and contemporary operation of business systems and enterprises. Its primary purpose is to make available the findings of advanced research, empirical and conceptual, into matters of global significance, such as corporate organization and growth, multinational enterprise, business efficiency, entrepreneurship, technological change, finance, marketing, human resource management, professionalization and business culture. The Journal has won a reputation for academic excellence and has a wide readership amongst management specialists, economists and other social scientists and economic, social, labour and business historians.

    Business History: The emerging agenda

    The core strategy of Business History is to promote business history as a sui generis scholarly discipline, engaging on an equal footing with mainstream history and the wider social sciences. To achieve this, the Journal will continue to be international, comparative, thematic and theoretically informed. In the post-Chandler world, the agenda for business history is to extend its scale and scope specifically to:

     widen its international scope: business activities in underrepresented regions, for example Latin America, Africa and Asia

     go back beyond the 19th and 20th centuries to include ancient, medieval and early modern eras

     inform the policy agenda; historical examples of regulatory success and failure, nationalisations and privatisations

    engage with the business and management agendas; entrepreneurship, competitive advantage, corporate governance

    theoretical development; independent theory or theories of business history

    More details of how to apply are in the attached document.

    This opportunity may interest AoM members in different countries. In the British ABS journal ranking system, this journal is ranked 3. In the Australian Business School Deans' List ranking system, in which journals are ranked A*, A, B, or C, Business History is ranked A. In the French CNRS journal ranking system, in which lower numbers are better, Business History  is ranked 2.

    Andrew Smith, Senior Lecturer in International Business
    Director of Research (Strategy, International Business, and Entrepreneurship Group)
    University of Liverpool