Domain Statement

Management History Domain Statement

Specific Domain: Pragmatic investigations into the historical evolution of managerial thought and action. Major Topics: The chronological tracing of the development of contemporary managerial concepts, techniques, behaviors, and practices with the intent of demonstrating (in) effectiveness within a given context, setting, or organization; reviews of how the discipline might learn from and avoid making the mistakes of the past; examples of how current research efforts are aimed at "rediscovering" existing knowledge and suggestions for the redirection of contemporary investigations; reevaluations of historical manuscripts based on present knowledge; explorations into the history, traditions and evolution of businesses and industries; comparative works which demonstrate how diverse individuals and groups influenced managerial thought and practice; application of history to unify extant concepts and bodies of literature that are highly fragmented; and investigation into how management history might be better taught and management history research better conducted, applied and utilized to enhance understanding of the field. (Revised 5/01)