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AMR Origins Series - Ep 23 - "Nonprofit Organizations as Multi-Sided Platforms"

  • 1.  AMR Origins Series - Ep 23 - "Nonprofit Organizations as Multi-Sided Platforms"

    Posted 07-21-2022 11:40

    Are you interested in theory pertaining to Nonprofit organizations? Have you ever considered how economic theories of multi-sided platforms may be used to explain and understand phenomena outside of the technology or advertising realm? Do you have an interest in issues at the intersection of economics and social value creation? Do you want to understand what it takes to develop new theory that connects two previously distinct perspectives? If so, you need to listen to or watch Episode 23 of the AMR Origins Series.


    In this episode, Jennifer Kuan and Jeremy Thornton discuss their forthcoming article titled "Nonprofit Organizations as Multi-Sided Platforms."


    I learned a great deal from talking to them about their paper, and I hope that you will learn from listening to or watching this episode.


    YouTube video version is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3vi_Ig3IJY

    Podcast audio version is available here: https://anchor.fm/amr-origins-series/episodes/AMR-Origins-Series---Episode-23---Jennifer-Kuan-and-Jeremy-Thornton---Nonprofit-Organizations-as-Multi-Sided-Platforms-e1lcuoi