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AoM 2023 Caucus on The Study of Work in and Around Organizations

  • 1.  AoM 2023 Caucus on The Study of Work in and Around Organizations

    Posted 07-19-2023 10:50

    Dear Colleagues,

    (apologies for cross-posting)

    I hope you are having a good summer.

    I would like to invite you to A Caucus on The Study of Work in and Around Organizations.

    The caucus is taking place on Sunday August 06, 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM in Maverick B, Hilton

    The caucus aims to foster a collective conversation among those exploring-or interested in doing so-work as a topic in AOM. Unlike the typical PDWs or symposiums, this is a more informal session in which participants can talk more symmetrically with each other.

    The caucus stems from a PDW last year which focused on Approaches to the Study of Work (you can listen to the presentations at the Talking about Organizations Podcast: https://www.talkingaboutorganizations.com/93-approaches-to-the-study-of-work-classics-aom-pdw-live/).  It is particularly relevant for those doing meso-level research and interested in getting close to the coalface to examine how people get their job done.

    We will start with a round of introductions where participants can share a short overview of their research and thus get a sense of current scholarship in this area. We will then discuss a series of questions in roundtables, including the following ones:

    • What is distinctive about studying work? Which theories, mechanisms, and outcomes are central to the study of work in and around organizations?
    • What are the known unknowns in this research area? What could research explore further?
    • What are the potential synergies across sub-areas, methods, datasets, etc.?
    • What is our collective contribution to current broader debates in management and AOM?

    You do not need to sign up (you can just show up). But to make planning easier, I would appreciate it if you could RSVP to the following invitation. You can also share any questions or topics you would like the group to discuss at the session.




    Pedro Monteiro
    Assistant Professor
    Copenhagen Business School