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  • 1.  Election Results for Manangement History Division

    Posted 06-06-2022 16:56

    Greetings all,

    The elections for positions within the executive committee of the Division have closed and the results are in. This year we had three positions that we needed to fill. They were PDW Chair, Representative at Large and Junior Faculty Representative at Large.

    The following have been duly elected:

    • PDW Chair Matteo Cristofaro, University of Rome, Italy.
    • Representative at Large Michael Weatherburn, Imperial College, London, UK
    • Junior Faculty at Large Nicholous (Nick) Deal, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada.

    Congratulations to all, and a large thank you to those who stood but were unsuccessful.  For your edification, the turnout was 32% which compares well to the overall AoM participation. Our division participation rate was higher than last year but slightly lower than 2020.

    I wish you a most pleasant week ahead

    Dr Andrew Cardow – Past Chair, Management History Division AOM

    Nicholous Deal
    Graduate Student
    Mount Saint Vincent University
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • 2.  RE: Election Results for Manangement History Division

    Posted 06-07-2022 08:46
    I feel obliged to thank all the supporters and, especially, those who initially nominated me for this prestigious position. 
    We - executives and participants - will continue building an even stronger Division, aiming at unity and inclusion of all voices, also trying to catch the attention of colleagues in 'unexplored' geographical areas.
    I'll do my best to meet your expectations; correct me when I'll make mistakes.

    Wish you a nice day,


    Matteo Cristofaro
    Assistant Professor
    University of Rome