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Management History Primers and Seminal Papers

  • 1.  Management History Primers and Seminal Papers

    Posted 06-26-2022 05:21



    I have been a member of the management history div. for a number of years as I have an interest in both history and management. I finished grad school a few years ago and focus on typical quantitative research in management. I have  no formal training or mentors in history but would like to learn more about this field.


    It would be very interesting to hear from experienced management history scholars about both methodological primers (e.g. what are common methods, what are resources to learn those methods) and seminal papers that might provide a breadcrumb trail so to speak for those of us interested in learning more. Also, are there big unanswered questions that the field is pursuing or should be pursuing? Apologies if this has been covered extensively somewhere else but after a few years lurking here, I don't remember having seen much on these topics.


    Thanks in advance,


    Kevin Taylor