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Revised Management History Domain Statement

  • 1.  Revised Management History Domain Statement

    Posted 12-26-2023 21:02

    The Management History Division executive team is united in seeking feedback on a new proposed statement. We invite your valuable input on this proposed statement as we work to ensure the division's identity and commitment to diverse scholarship.  Our hope is to seek approval of a new domain statement at the annual business meeting in Chicago this summer. Thank you for your active participation and dedication to the Management History Division.

    This is the proposed domain statement: The Management History Division welcomes scholars from across the globe to become part of our inclusive and dynamic community, committed to the interdisciplinary study of management and organizational history. Our focus encompasses the emergence and evolution of management practices, examining the roles of managers, entrepreneurs, and organizations in shaping historical continuity and change. With a keen interest in the study of the past of management and organizing, our division flourishes through a rich diversity of ideas, philosophies, theories, and methodologies. This nurturing and collaborative space fosters the confluence of history, time, and memory, deepening our comprehension of both management theory and practice.


    Leon C. Prieto (Division Chair - Management History)
    Professor of Management/Director of the Center for Social Innovation & Sustainable Entrepreneurship
    Clayton State University
    Morrow GA