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YouTube Recording of "Indian Management History & Provincializing Management Studies"

  • 1.  YouTube Recording of "Indian Management History & Provincializing Management Studies"

    Posted 01-30-2024 11:05

    View AOM YouTube recording of Indian Management History & Provincializing Management Studies here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVzT7tqDYgg&t=1237s

    This lecture, titled "Indian Management History & Provincializing Management Studies," is delivered by Dr. Nidhi Srinivas, Associate Professor of Management at The New School. In his presentation, Dr. Srinivas explores Indian Management History, where he seeks to uncover the authentic elements of Indian management. His analysis raises probing questions about the nature and implications of indigeneity in management practices: What truly constitutes the indigenous in the context of Indian management? For whom is this indigenous knowledge most relevant or applicable? Where can the roots of indigenous Indian management be located? And crucially, when does the concept of the indigenous emerge significantly in the historical timeline of Indian management? This thought-provoking session invites a deeper introspection into the localized nuances and broader historical narratives shaping management studies in India.

    Leon C. Prieto (Division Chair - Management History)
    Professor of Management/Director of the Center for Social Innovation & Sustainable Entrepreneurship
    Clayton State University
    Morrow GA