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AMR Idea Development Workshop (IDW)

  • 1.  AMR Idea Development Workshop (IDW)

    Posted 05-31-2021 12:03

     AMR Idea Development Workshop (IDW)

    Special Topic Forum (STF): Fresh Perspectives on Trust In Today's Changing Theoretical and Contextual Landscapes

    July 19 and 21 via Zoom


    The purpose of the workshop is to help authors develop and refine ideas for submission to the forthcoming Special Topic Forum at the Academy of Management Review: Fresh Perspectives On Trust In Today's Changing Theoretical And Contextual Landscapes. The immediate product of the workshop is a refined proposal and a way forward for developing the manuscript. Please note that participation in the IDW does not guarantee acceptance of the paper in the Special Topic Forum. Furthermore, attendance in the IDW is not a prerequisite for submission to the Special Topic Forum or for publication.

    Application to participate

    Please submit a 2-page proposal outlining your core ideas and arguments (max. 500 words excluding references) HERE by June 18, 2021. In preparing your proposal, please read the Call for the Special Topic Forum. Additionally, read the following editorials:

    Barney, J. 2018. Editor's comments: Positioning a theory paper for publication. Academy of Management Review, 43(3): 345-348.

    Lange, D., & Pfarrer, M. D. 2017. Editor's comments: Sense and structure – the core building blocks of an AMR article. Academy of Management Review, 42(3): 407-416

    Makadok, R., Burton, R., & Barney, J. 2018. A practical guide for making theory contributions in strategic management. Strategic Management Journal, 39(6): 1530-1545.

    Authors will be notified on whether their proposal is accepted for the IDW by July 2, 2021. The submission process is competitive and limited to 36 papers.


    Day 1 (July 19). The session will begin with welcome remarks by AMR editor, Sherry Thatcher, who will provide important general information about publishing in AMR. Next, Guest Editor Audrey Korsgaard will provide specific information about the Fresh Perspectives on Trust STF. Guest Editor volunteers will present a series of exercises designed to improve their proposals. Participants will also receive individual feedback on their proposals from one of the Guest Editors as well as other participants.

    Interim Day (July 20). Between workshop days, participants will complete the exercises and revise their 2-page proposals based on learnings from the writing exercises and feedback from the roundtable. Revised proposals should be resubmitted for discussion by 2 pm (July 20).

    Day 2 (July 21). Working in roundtables, facilitators will provide developmental feedback to the participants on the revised proposal. The discussion will then be opened for all participants.

    1. Audrey Korsgaard

    Professor of Management

    Director, Riegel and Emory Human Resources Center


    Darla Moore School of Business

    University of South Carolina

    1014 Greene Street • Columbia, SC 29208

    M Audrey Korsgaard
    University of South Carolina
    Columbia SC