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New Book: "The Power of Inclusion in Family Business"

  • 1.  New Book: "The Power of Inclusion in Family Business"

    Posted 04-07-2022 11:40

    Miguel Ángel Gallo (IESE Barcelona) and I are thrilled to announce the publication of our new book The Power of inclusion in Family Business (Emerald Publishing). In it, 20 leading scholars and practitioners from 10 different countries bring together their experience and insights to advance the "daughters' inclusion challenge" and unveil the power of involving talented women owners in their family firms and family offices.

    This book provides novel insights, gender sensitive-consulting practices and culturally-adapted recommendations to shape a more inclusive family-in-business and family firm environment. The Power of inclusion in Family Business is, indeed, a guide for grooming the next generation of responsible women owners so they can thrive, achieve, and become leaders and stewards in their multigenerational family businesses. A must read for scholars, advisors and enterprising families!!

    Our gratitude and recognition to our dream team: Pramodita Sharma, Hikari Akizawa, Eric R. Kushins, Myriam Quispe-Agnoli, Kandarp Harsiddh Mehta, Ethel Brundin, Markus Plate, Christina Constantinidis, Teresa Nelson, Issaka Oumarou Harou, Neus Feliu, Ivan Lansberg, Salvatore Tomaselli, Marjo Miettinen, Matti Koiranen, Hung-bin Ding, Kelsey Hahn, and Ernesto J. Poza.

    The book is Available, worldwide, through major retailers such as Amazon ( The Power of Inclusion in Family Business ), WHSmith, Blackwell's, etc.

    Enjoy the reading!!


    Rosa Nelly Trevinyo-Rodríguez
    Founding Partner and CEO
    R.N. Trevinyo-Rodriguez & Associates