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AOM PDW: Paper Development Workshop for JBE Special Issue on Racial Justice and Business Ethics

  • 1.  AOM PDW: Paper Development Workshop for JBE Special Issue on Racial Justice and Business Ethics

    Posted 05-31-2021 12:03

    On behalf of Robbin Derry,

    AOM PDW: Paper Development Workshop for JBE Special Issue on Racial Justice and Business Ethics

    Co-sponsored by SIM, CMS, GDO, ONE, & MH, Organizers: Robbin Derry and Paul Harper

    In the spring of 2020, a social movement calling for racial justice spread across the U.S. and inspired symbolic actions around the world. A major impetus was the May 25 killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The persistent dangers for Black citizens and other people of color when interacting with the criminal justice system have been identified and challenged for decades. However, the systemic inequities and conditions, such as those found in healthcare (Brandolo et al., 2009), education (Solomona et al., 2005), and sports (Hylton, 2010) among other areas, remain, contributing to the diffusion of the movement. The protests call attention to the tacit recognition of systemic and institutionalized racism in organizations and society. Business schools are being called upon, along with universities more broadly, to address systemic racism and other forms of injustice. As business scholars, we have the opportunity to look more deeply into the ways that our teaching and scholarship have neglected honest scrutiny of racial injustice within our educational institutions as well as in the business and organizational structures that we study.  In this workshop we aim to provide guidance for researchers to integrate greater awareness of racial justice issues, to critically assess contemporary approaches to managing diversity, to interrogate dominant theories of justice, and to conceive racial justice interventions as scholars and educators.  This workshop has three specific aims:

    • To encourage and support research and teaching about racial justice issues in business schools.
    • To invite and encourage potential authors to share ideas, questions, and insights about the challenges of doing research on racial justice in business schools and publishing in management journals.
    • To provide feedback to authors who have manuscript ideas they intend to develop and submit to the Journal of Business Ethics Special Issue on Racial Justice.


    To submit manuscript ideas for feedback and discussion, please prepare the following and submit by June 15, 2021 to robbin.derry@uleth.ca :

    1 page overview of your key concepts, research questions, and theoretical arguments (~ 300 words)

    Additional brief paragraphs addressing

    1. What makes this about racial justice?
    2. How does it relate to business ethics?
    3. What theory are you building on and aiming to contribute to?
    4. What is unique about your contribution?

    It is not required that you participate in this PDW or submit a manuscript concept in order to submit a manuscript to the JBE special issue, but we hope to encourage people to participate in this PDW so that we can provide early feedback on concrete ideas.  The deadline for the special issue is October 1, 2021.  The CFP for the special issue can be found at:


    In this two-hour PDW, we plan to use the first hour to share some insights on research topics addressed during our racial justice webinar series held this year.  In the second hour, we will use break-out rooms to provide small group feedback and have opportunities for discussions on the manuscript concept papers that have been submitted. 

    Registration is not required. But if you plan to attend and submit a manuscript summary, please do so by June 15, to enable us to plan ahead.

    Robbin Derry (she/her) PhD, MBA

    Associate Professor

    Dhillon School of Business

    University of Lethbridge

    Calgary, Alberta


    Vincenzo Vastola
    SIM AOM Connect Manager
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    Montpellier, France