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Annual Meeting 2021 - MH Division Theme Announcement

  • 1.  Annual Meeting 2021 - MH Division Theme Announcement

    Posted 16 days ago

    The 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management will be held virtually from July 30 to August 3, 2021. This year's conference theme is Bringing the Manager Back in Management. More information may be found at: https://aom.org/events/annual-meeting/annual-meeting-theme.

    The Management History (MH) Division's theme for this year's conference is Crisis. The world is in crisis right now - the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, racism, populism, and income inequality are all contributing to a world in turmoil. Business, management, and management education have all played a critical role in creating these crises and their consequences. And they can also play a critical role in helping solve them. History is full of valuable lessons for those who pause to look back. What can we learn from management history to help us fix the world? Historical crises of capitalism – including the "labour question" of the role of the working class in the 19th century, the Great Depression and the sustainability of capitalism, and the global divisions between developed and developing countries created by global capitalism – provide a starting point.

    We look forward to reading submissions that focus on the division theme, the conference theme, or on other aspects of management history. Research in the MH Division focuses on themes ranging from historical events in management practice (empirical studies) to research that focuses on the history of ideas and management thought (theoretical orientation) to the study of historiography itself. Our field is open to a variety of methodological approaches. In the MH Division we examine rich and interesting histories of organizations, leadership, entrepreneurship, and social issues in management. Submissions emphasising interdisciplinary research or under-represented areas (outside Anglo-American or European regions, or issues such as sustainability, gender, etc., as well as studies of ancient, medieval or early modern eras) are particularly welcome.

    We invite you to submit Professional Development Workshops, scholarly empirical and conceptual papers, and proposals for symposia (including panel discussions, debates, and roundtables) for consideration for inclusion in the division's program. We encourage submissions from doctoral students and junior faculty members who would like to take advantage of the opportunity to develop their work, as well as submissions from senior staff who would like to share their latest research.

    Submission Details: The formal call for PDWs and Papers will be issued in late November with submission deadlines in January. Detailed instructions for the online submission process will be available on the submission website (http://aom.org/annualmeeting/submission/) when submissions open in late November. 

    Enquiries may be sent to the PDW Chair: Dr Leon Prieto, leoncprieto@gmail.com or the Program Chair: Dr. Patricia Genoe McLaren, pmclaren@wlu.ca.

    Trish McLaren
    MH Program Chair
    Associate Professor
    Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
    Wilfrid Laurier University
    Waterloo ON, Canada